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Palgong Tea USA

The special tea brand that brings you the best tea brewed in the ideal brewing temperature: 80°C


“PALGONG” in Korean means “80”, which is the ideal temperature in Celsius to brew teas.  This ideal brewing temperature reflects our philosophy of creating the perfect environment to warm and nurture one’s life as we do with all our tea blends. We are a special tea brand with selections of the finest tea originated from the world’s best tea farms. Our local tea masters from Korea dedicate themselves to making the best quality brews out of our tea selection. 

Local Tea Masters are putting their devoted efforts to strictly manage and produce high-quality teas only for PALGONG TEA.


Oxidation & Drying

Selection & scenting

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Discover The Magic Of PALGONG TEA

PALGONG TEA is a special tea brand that only offers the best tea with carefully selected leaves cultivated from 7 regions of the most ideal temperature and climate conditions in Sri Lanka. 

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Oolong Milk Tea

Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie

Café Latte

Green Grape Green Tea

Black Milk Tea Cream Latte