About us

Our Heritage

Our happiness stems for sharing our love for tea and sparking joy in others’ lives. We aspire to connect communities from behind the scenes to the people we serve. Moving across the world from South Korea to USA, Palgong Tea USA was established, connecting communities, people, and tea.

Palgong Tea USA is bubble tea shop that also specializes in creative beverages and local desserts. Established in 2021, we began with the mission to ‘create human connections over tea’ and now we are partnered with local and USA-wide organizations and brands.

Our foundation was molded from a collaboration between Palgong Tea USA and DEAF CULTURE CENTRE. From a labour of love, our Def-T series was created — 8 delicious blends of organic, loose-leaf tea. Our first store and head office established in 2021 in Thornhill. Later, our flagship store opened in the heart of Distillery District, where we share the space and connection with DEAF CULTURE CENTRE.

From then on, we have been continually creating partnerships with local and Canadian brands to share our vision and foster connections. We are no longer just a bubble tea shop but a ‘communitea’ that showcases our signature menus and local partnerships

Our History

In 2017, after many years of research and development, PALGONG TEA launched its first tea shop in South Korea with the same mission that first ignited its spark. “PALGONG” in Korean means 80, which is the ideal temperature in Celsius to brew teas. This ideal brewing temperature reflects our philosophy of creating the perfect environment to warm and nurture one’s life as we do with all of our tea blends. This culture would continue to flourish in every neighborhood we touched and gather steam over the next couple of years.

This mission was a labour of love and after 2 years, we saw unprecedented success in South Korea and expanded to over 200 locations across the country. Our commitment to the highest quality of ingredients, lean operations and fair pricing for our customers allowed us to become the largest purveyor of premium teas in South Korea. PALGONG TEA was ready to take its mission to the rest of the world.

Our journey is now poised to continue in Canada and the US, bringing with it the same philosophy that fueled its success in South Korea. To spark joy, over a heartwarming cup of tea with friends.

Our Story


To serve our finest quality of tea that blends diverse flavours and communities together – we are no longer a community but a ‘communitea.’ We bring joy to our ‘communitea’ through our wide portfolio of products and partnerships where there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Our values

Our Vision

To create human connections over a cup of tea.